OUT NOW: Alex Blaxx - It's Been Done Before

Just released today is Alex Blaxx' Dessous Recordings label debut "It's Been Done Before" which caters some trueschool House Music to all musical connaisseurs out there. A sneak preview video of the very limited vinyl version has been just unveiled and can be seen here. 

"It's Been Done Before" is availabe via:

Dessous Recordings...


OUT NOW: Phonique - Best Of Phonique

Just released today and available in all quality digital stores is "Best Of Phonique" - a massive, 23 tracks strong compilation album gathering the most loved and sought after tunes of the Berlin-based producer and DJ Michael Vater, better known as Phonique amongst clubheads and connaisseurs alike. A piece essential for all Phonique fans and DeepHouse lovers.




OUT NOW: Vincenzo & Language - Merry Go Round

Happy release day! 

We are pround to announce the release of our catalogue number 120: VIncenzo & Language - Merry Go Round. And this true Deep House tune received some extraordinary remix polish by Axel Boman.


OUT NOW: Phonique - Saudade - The Best Of Phonique

Michael Vater, better known in music circles as Phonique, has carved out a rich niche for himself in the crowded world of electronic music. With countless production and remix credits plus three full albums under his belt, 'Saudade (Best Of Phonique)' is a timely reminder of what makes this artist such a treasure. With so much material to get through this Best...


OUT NOW: Andrade - Madness E.P.

Just released today is Andrade's "Madness E.P." - his first coming on Dessous Recordings after roughly a year of absence. With three tracks on 12" vinyl and a digital bonus track the Frenchie explores the realms of deeper House with a sweet tool'ish twist for late night sessions.