Thierry Tomas' Pusher is out now

With five EPs to his credits, Russian House DJ and Producer Thierry Tomas continues his ride with a brand-new EP. The Moscow based producer is greatly welcomed to Dessous with "Pusher" including four Deep House tracks fully teasing one's attention! The producer blends thoughtful and playful elements, getting you hooked to his music! All four tracks are special gems to...


Thierry Tomas' track premiered via Local Suicide

Local Suicide premiered the third track "Doo Doo", a groovy track characterized by incredibly funky congas and cheeky vocals, get ready! The EP "Pusher" which includes four deep house tracks with a jazzy touch will be released on the 20th April, perfect to begin your Friday night with! 




Tom Flynn’s Pluck is out now

Tom Flynn is no stranger to the upper stratospheres of house and techno - his long list of achievements and highlights would fill a page. The three tracks of his new EP Pluck revolve around Flynn’s thick sound, sometimes more on the techy, sometimes more on the dubby side. Crossing the genres effortlessly, Flynn is building up a sonic landscape and invites every listener to be a part of...


OUT NOW: Chocky - Playtime E.P. OUT NOW: Chocky - Playtime E.P.

OUT NOW: Chocky - Playtime E.P.

Chocky once again delivers a bomb-grade EP. The four tracker is packed with chunky vibes, crispy beats and comes right in time to heat up cold winter nights. 'Double Dip' was premiered via Big Shot Magazine.


Pre-listen to the title track of Chocky's Selfknowledge EP

The British producer Chocky, who is now based in Portugal, is about to release his Self Knowledge EP on Dessous Recpordings. The title track is a deep, techy roller clocking it at nearly 10 mins - plenty of space to expand into its full potential - the groove grows ever more hypnotic and engaging as the track unfolds. It is  premiered on Big Shot Magazine...